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There was a time when rock didn’t really care what anyone thought of it, the ethos wasn’t about sales or award ceremonies, it didn’t fit into lots of sub-categories and it represented a firm deviation from whatever was considered the norm - it was something different, free-spirited and fresh.


                                                            The D.G.B


The DGB is a marriage of classic and modern musical values; tipping its hat to the past, living in the present and looking towards the future - combining great songs, a great sound and stunning musicianship, all wrapped up in a modern formula.

The trio of Danny Giles (Guitar & Vox), Pat Garvey (Drums) & Jon Chase (Bass) bring you their brand of full-blooded rock with a twist of blues, gospel and soul, spiriting a no nonsense attitude & paying very little, if any attention at all to any of the boundaries placed before them.


More Is More


Having spent four years touring, playing to festival audiences and playing packed out club dates all over Europe, the band decided it was time to make a debut record. Deals were offered from the UK, Europe and from as far as the U.S. but the band decided they would pull in their own resources and fund the project independently whilst building a team of influential and equally passionate people around them.


Taking a break from touring, the band went into four weeks of intensive rehearsals and pre-production in late Autumn of 2014, and went in to record their debut album towards the end of September at Stronghold Studios, England. Produced by Pat Garvey, engineered by Gez Walton, and mastered by Ray Staff at Air Studios, London, their much anticipated debut album “MORE IS MORE” hits the streets and World Wide Web in 2016 on Power of Three Records.


Britain has a dynamic new rock trio, one that has cut it’s teeth and is ready to sink them in, and having raised what amounts to a small army of followers with their fierce work ethic over the last few years, The D.G.B are ready to take on the world and all that comes with it!


        D A N N Y                                   P A T                                      J O N

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